Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Initial thoughts

My initial thoughts on what a title sequences does is locate the underlying mood and tone of the film in order to articulate the story symbolicly. Title sequences should have a way of taming the audience locking them in, so that they already have an emotional reasons with the film before it actually begins, a way of letting the audience know just enough without giving the core way. This brings me to Saul bass who is famous for his uncanny title sequences. Saul Bass' title sequences have an hypnotic nature about them which creates a defiant anchorage between the audience and the story. He is able to generate mini nativities in the opening alone which obviously allows anchorage.

Bass is most known for his use of animation especially his use of lines. For example North by northwest. (Below)

Bass’s masterpiece is the title sequence for North by Northwest where rules are present in their primary role as the squared lines supporting text. Bass used animated lines in order to create a maze like feel. the idea of rulered lines comes apparent where as the lines meet to create the grided structure the animation stops, and the subtle lines become the sky scraper in the back ground. Extremely clever, not only on its visual effects but for its day and age too.

Saul bass first come into the big wide world as a graphic designer, but felt the need to
change the way in which we view our title sqeuences. He wanted to create title sequences that told a story. As the fiest interaction with the film should draw the audience in. By watchingg title sequences you beging to understand the films narritive. Sual bass' early work includes the man with the golden arm. Bass wanted to change his titles to make them even more realistic, so that the title is real life. An example of this West side story. This title consists of the titles being placed on the street, giving the film an urban theme; as the typogrphy used is in the style of graphite.

Thursday, 11 December 2008


Title- 19 Years.

Narraitive- A man out for revenge. 'richard' once a normal boy just in love with his childhood sweetheart, now a man with a grude. Richard now 35 is obbsesed with his one true love 'jane', and the memory of her departure still hunts him. The only conclusion Richard sees is revenge.

Story Line- Obsesed with his one true love, he needs to find her, and tell her how he feels,the phycotic man stalks his love only to find that Jane is still with the man she cheated on him with. Richard goes mad, crazy, when he finally meets up with jane only to get rejected. He then sets out to kill Janes lover and will stop at nothing till he has her back. HE trys to hurt jane in every way possible only then (he thinks) will she no how deeply she hurt him.

Log line- One man, one man 19 years of hatred finally comes to a head.

The title- Simple yet i think effective, the audience will atomaticly drawn to the fact that there may be some time di
Alfred Hitchcock
He was known to his audiences as the 'Master of Suspense' and what Hitchcock mastered was not only the art of making films but also the task of taming his own imagination. Hitchcock told his stories through intelligent plots, witty dialogue and a spoonful of mystery and murder. In doing so, he inspired a new generation of filmmakers and 'revolutionized' the thriller genre, making him pretty much a legend around the world. His brilliance was sometimes too bright! He was hated as well as loved, oversimplified as well as over analyzed.
A Quote from the man : "There is no terror in a bang, only in the anticipation of it."
What a cool quote. I am highly inspired by Alfred Hitchcock even though reading about him makes me wonder is there more to him than meets the eye? Maybe his psychotic thrillers were more personal him than we think. I mean he did once get asked 'What is your mission in life ?' he replied 'to simply scare the hell out of people'. (true or not makes you think)


I have finally 'cooked' up my idea, cant really say how lets just say it come to me in a dream. My initial idea was to make create a opening title sequence lasting 2 minutes choosing the 'thriller' genre about a psychotic girl, but i wasn't all that enthusiastic about it. So still my mind wondered and i started looking at other title sequence for ideas, I looked at:

  • Seven Directed by David Fincher
  • Vertigo Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
  • The Dark Knight Directed by Christopher Nolan
  • Psycho Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

    After watching these four title sequences the two which stood out the most were not the two i was expecting as they were the oldest and by the same Director. Alfred Hitchcock's Thriller 'Psycho' is the main influence for my title sequence, but it wasn't the opening that lit an idea in my head it was the famous shower scene.

    • The Task !

      For My AS Level coursework, I have been asked to make an opening title sequence for a new fiction film, only to last two minutes maximum. I have also been asked 'for safety reasons and for public showings' not to use copyright material. 'All audio material must be original and produced by candidates, with the exception of music or audio effects from a copyright free source'


      Continuity piece involving filming and editing a character opening a door, crossing a room and sitting down in a chair opposite another character, with whom he/she then exchanges dialogue. should involve match on match, shot/reverse shot and keep to the 180 degree rule.